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Ignacio Lopez - El Comico 4**** - One4Review

Ignacio Lopez – El Comico 4****

| On 16, Aug 2022

In the very intimate setting of the Patter Hoose at the Gilded Balloon on Chambers Street is where you’ll find Spanish/Welsh Comico, Ignacio Lopez. One of the hottest tickets, sorry venues, I’ve been to in this Fringe. This doesn’t stop this very funny guy from keeping us entertained for an hour.

Ignacio is very charismatic and has been coming to Edinburgh since 2011 when he used collect money for his shows in a bucket, and he’s clearly at home on this stage. However, this hombre deserves a bigger venue. He engages well with his audience and he’s a very entertaining and enthusiastic crowd pleaser.

His stand up is very observational and he tells us many stories from his childhood, being born in Mallorca, not Majorca, and moving to Wales at the age of 6.

We have a whistle stop tour through a variety of topics, including Covid, holidays, parents and the benefits of having a retired police dog as a rescue pet!

At the end of the show he treats us to some comedy songs which he should do more of, as they are very clever and witty.

Ignacio, if your friend who keeps sending you copies of your reviews this is for him, “ THE ENTERTAINMENT ON THIS CRUISE SHIP WAS GREAT AND THE CROWD THOUGHT YOU WERE DAMN FUNNY”


Reviewed by Gavin

Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose – Snug

20.20 (1hr)

Until 28th August

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