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Jamie MacDonald: Reasonably Adjusted 5***** - One4Review

Jamie MacDonald: Reasonably Adjusted 5*****

| On 06, Aug 2022

“Fancy seeing this show?” the words that can either strike fear, excitement but certainly a note of apprehension to any festival goer. However – I struck comedy gold when I was offered tickets to see Jamie MacDonald at The Gilded Balloon.

Ushered into the Sportsman’s bar at The Gilded Balloon alongside around 20 others I felt lucky enough to score an aisle seat. Well, he’s blind – if he’s rubbish I’ll not offend him if I make a swift exit surely?

Clattering on to the stage, white stick swinging – and connecting with a mic stand, Jamie tells us about how he’s not always been blind. Over the course of an hour he gives us a unique insight (can I say that?!) into Jamie’s world and how quite often it appears that his disability is more confronting for other folk than it is for him.

So, the New York Times – which Jamie assures is the US equivalent of “The Daily Record” has run a poll asking “What’s the worst thing that could happen to you?” Could it be losing a limb? Could it be contracting life limiting disease? No – Going blind came in at top spot. Even beating death?! Is it THAT bad?

Incredulous, Jamie tells us it’s not all bad being blind and takes us “normals” (that’s what they call us without any disabilities) into his world to let us know that he is in fact reasonably adjusted to the reasonable adjustments the “normals” have put in place. A notable exception may be the “mime boxes” Tesco have installed in this Covid/post Covid era…

To be fair it doesn’t sound all bad – I mean, talking kitchen scales? A palpable measuring jug? Some stylish shades? A guide dog? Actually – scrap that last one I’ll let Jamie explain that one to you! Can he give a set of directions to a “normal”? Can he actually type in braille on his iphone – using appendages apart from his fingers?? And if so, how the hell does he manage his Twitter?

Jamie tells us about his transition to secondary school – unleashing the Triple Threat. What could possibly go wrong for this well-mannered wee guy with failing sight. In Glasgow. In the nineties. Let Jamie tell you all about it…

Does he stand a chance of realising his sporting potential under the guiding hand (singular) of his South African PE teacher? Can a blind kid really tackle the hurdles? Or will it all come to a ball crushingly painful end? How far will reasonable adjustments in school go to support him taking part in needle work? And will we ever find out the results from the appeal after his Blue Badge was flagrantly abused by Mrs Mac? She would argue it was an essential purchase…

Jamie delivered a confident performance, he’s telling us his truth. He has the audience in the palm of his hand as he delivers line after line, seamlessly intertwining his tales and ensuring laughs spanning the duration of his show. No need for the aisle seat. You’ll want to settle in for this one…


Reviewed by Lyndsey

Gilded Balloon Teviot-Sportsmans

19.45 (1hr)

Until 29 Aug

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