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REDEEMher – How I screwed up my perfect Mormon Life 5***** - One4Review

REDEEMher – How I screwed up my perfect  Mormon Life 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2022

Tatum is single again, and faces the disdain of fellow Mormons who know that she had slept with someone which has led to the end of her marriage. That, however, is not the full picture and for the next hour we find out Tatum’s side of the story. By acting out the various characters of her story, as well as a few warring inner monologues, we get a picture of a marriage that was in trouble from the start. She married her best friend Kevin, who was a fun-loving adventurous guy. That soon changed and issues with money, their sex life and, most important of all, his failure to support Tatum’s career in acting led to her sleeping with another man.

I have to admit that when I decided to see this play, I thought it would be about the relief of escaping life as a Mormon. However, what Tatum Langton managed to do in this captivating hour of theatre is make me appreciate the support and love that such a community can give someone who is struggling with her life choices. The Church Of The Latter Day Saints is certainly not perfect, but for Tatum its support gave her strength to move on with her life. Tatum Langton is an extremely talented and engaging actress and a consummate storyteller. She manages to squeeze humour out of some of her most painful moments and this led to a delightful experience all round.


Reviewed by Rona

Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose – Dram

3.40pm (1hr)

Until Aug 28th

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