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Angela Barnes: Hot Mess 5***** - One4Review

Angela Barnes: Hot Mess 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2022

Angela Barnes is a Brighton based – comic who is arguably best known for her work on Mock the Week.

Her well-considered TV interactions with fellow team members are all very entertaining, her little skits and sketches are amusing but still we are being robbed.

How so you might ask? Well because Angela Barnes has to share that show with others . To see her stand-up show is truly a revelation, she moves on at breakneck speed Scarcely pausing for breath, she doesn’t have to wait her turn here, she’s is unleashed for a full hour . We’re taken on the now familiar fringe lock down journey, Angela’s time in lockdown was particularly challenging as a close writing colleague was seriously ill, this cruel and poignant episode allows Angela to explore the NHS during a critical time.

The country’s leadership are also interrogated, politicians are eviscerated, it’s a well-balanced set certainly not all about bleak politics, it’s about life and difficult times, we get a peek at how her new man came into her life, and we get to hear about Angela’s joyous wedding plans, will her ailing friend make it to her big day?

A thoroughly entertaining hour, well written, well balanced, quality. What the top end of the fringe is all about.


Reviewed by Robert

Pleasance Courtyard – Cabaret Bar

(19.00) 1hr
Until 28th Aug

Also at 20.30 on 18 Aug at Pleasance Forth

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