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Sara Barron - Hard Feelings 4**** - One4Review

Sara Barron – Hard Feelings 4****

| On 25, Aug 2022

Sara Barron has lived, loved, married and procreated in the UK for more than ten years now, but has still retained her ‘American Energy’, something she injects into her latest offering this Fringe.
Sara prowls he stage area, interacts with her virtually capacity crowd and has ample funny material, more than enough laugh out loud jokes to keep everyone more than happy, yet maybe because it was a damp Monday evening, the audience were somewhat slightly subdued.
She talked about, differences between Americans and British to answering questions, how to ensure you can bitch about a person without repercussions, her age, her family, the issues in becoming pregnant using IVF, her husband’s medical condition and much more, always delivering her well-crafted set with the style we have been accustomed to.
At the age of 42 years young, she claims to feel sexier than she did at 25 but hates to be thought of getting old. A story of an encounter with a’ yooff ‘on a London bus epitomised this and the punch line elicited genuine laughter.
Sara Barron has assimilated into the British life well, but enough of the feisty American remains too. She has truly earned her place in the comedy world, numerous TV appearances attest to this, and there are still a few chances available to see her this Fringe.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Upstairs
19.15 to 20.15
Until 28th

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