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The Revel Puck Circus: The Wing Scuffle Spectacular - 5***** - One4Review

The Revel Puck Circus: The Wing Scuffle Spectacular – 5*****

| On 09, Aug 2023

As we entered we were greeted with the aroma of popcorn and cotton candy for sale and a warm “Ready for a circus show?” by a performer donning a jumpsuit and a sparkle in the eye. As we took out seats the crew bellow “Customer!” whenever someone wants to purchase a treat for the show, it creates excited energy and their smiles are infectious.

The stage is set with a series of doors and a large metal contraption holding a large red ball. A clown climbs a large structure keeping the tent up, with the intent of cleaning the lights, they go very high and without a safety rope or net below this foreshadows things to come. A dark and comedic voice introduces our troupe and I dare you not to enjoy saying Revel Puck Circus: The Wing Scuffle Spectacular several times fast.

The show combines moments of playful interaction with the audience and daredevil acts that leave you on the edge of your seat. In this circus realm, there’s a fantastic balance between humour and heart. The clown brings both laughter and a touch of sentiment to the stage.

The Revel Puck Circus mixes traditional circus acts with contemporary flair. From the infectious energy of performers manoeuvring around the stage to the mesmerising acrobatic sequences, or the heart-stopping aerial displays, the performance is a rollercoaster ride. There’s also a delightful balance of raw strength and delicate artistry, this stands out most in the relationships displayed between the performers and how they truly work as a troupe intent on entertaining the crowd.

A standout moment for me was the electrifying seesaw act which opens with one member facing their fear of heights on a diving board, a place we’ve all probably been in some way or another but it’s edge-of-your-seat stuff and left me cheering for more. The blend of the traditional with the trendy makes for a fantastic combination and it’s this showcase that ensures The Revel Puck Circus isn’t just another circus act, but a celebration of the art form’s evolution.

The show circles the theme of unity and connection throughout and it’s an ode to the magical world of circus, where risks and revelry walk hand in hand, leaving audiences with a heart full of wonder and whimsy.

Reviewed by Matthew
Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows – The Lafayette
16.10 (1hr)
Until 26 Aug (not 14 or 21)

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