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Simon Jay: Permacrisis 4**** - One4Review

Simon Jay: Permacrisis 4****

| On 05, Aug 2023


It’s not permaculture! Not wanting to disappoint any gardening enthusiasts at this year’s Fringe, but you might want to listen up if you don’t wish to have a desert as a garden. 

This is Permacrisis, a series of topical stories told by the stand-up satirist Simon Jay from the hilarious 2016 show Trumpageddon. They are back to invite you into their world of what it is to be an autistic, bipolar, non-binary, left wing, queer vegetarian with a side of filthy but eloquent British humour.  

Simon takes you on a demented tour along a crumbling yellow brick road that is this crazy world we call planet Earth. You’ll meet people along the way that make you recoil when you hear what they have to say about subjects like autism. While Simon is at ease in making jokes and reading exerts from erotic novels and bring up other uncomfortable subjects that put the fear into people, they are very able to look after their audience and invite you have good old-fashioned giggle. If only there was tea and cake! 

If you are like me, a big supporter of your fellow neurodiverse family, or you are neurodicurious and ever wondered what the inside a beautifully creative and clever brain is really like, then immerse yourself in all the highs and lows of Simon Jay and their world, their own permacrisis and maybe you may discover you share some of the same fears. 

Reviewed by Jen
Venue 338 Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire – Long Room
14.30 (1 hour)
Until 9 August  

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