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Solve-Along-A Murder-She-Wrote 5***** - One4Review

Solve-Along-A Murder-She-Wrote 5*****

| On 09, Aug 2023

A celebration of the kitschy-cult hit from the 1980’s ‘A Murder She Wrote’ brought to you by Tim Benzie and who invites you to solve the murder before Jessica Fletcher does!

The self-confessed super-fan and award-winning playwright will lead you into a silly whirlwind of nostalgic giggle, using his wealth of camp trivia and sound logic to solve these killings. It’s okay that you’re on your 10th show of the day and you’re a wee bit tired, as there is help on hand with the infamous and most high-tech Suspiciometer.

Tim is very nimble on the stage, demonstrating an impressive nak of speedy costume changes from cosy dags to Jessica-drag. He rips into questionable acting; script work; and celebrity guest stars. Getting caught up in it all, we grip our lollipop-placards, so that we can rank the cast in order of celeb status watching their mugshots move into position on the Fameometer.

Looking around the room at my fellow detectives who were in stitches, some clearly were die-hard Jessica fans and others I don’t think were even around when the show originally televised. Clutching our lollipop-placards with our heroine’s face on the front, that we waved frantically when we saw the alleged murderer, eagerly watching the Suspiciometer track our votes.

I asked what Tim’s motive was for creating such a show, he jovially declared that he liked sing-alongs and in fact this was the inspiration for the show’s title. So, from there he set out to bring to life the hilarious interactive show that we can all love and know.

I would highly recommend anyone to head along to theSpace @ Symposium Hall for your chance to solve the murder with Tim. It was touching to see people hang back after the performance who shared their stories and memories of when they would coorie doon with mum, dad, nan & dog to watch A Murder-She-Wrote.

Tim will be performing another show that explores the enduring appeal of murder mysteries- It’s a Mystery at the Space @ Symposium Hall – Annex.


Reviewed by Jen
Venue 43 theSpace @ Symposium Hall – Amphitheatre
2010 (1 hour 20 minutes)
Until 26 August (not 13 or 20)

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