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Closer Than Ever - One4Review

The original ‘Closer Than Ever’ created in 1989, played the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York from October 1990 to July 1991. It incorporates previously unknown songs from Maltby and Shire’s shows, such as ‘Baby’ and the unproduced ‘Love Match’, ‘Closer than ever’ was written as a companion piece to their previous revue, ‘Starting Here, Starting Now’, which reflected the optimism of youth and first dates, first loves, and first kisses. Richard Maltby, Jr wrote the lyrics for ‘Closer Than Ever’, some of his other work includes ‘Baby’, ‘Big’, ‘Miss Saigon’, and ‘Nick and Nora’. David Shire is responsible for the music for ‘Closer Than Ever’, his other work is mainly for television and film scores including, ‘All The President’s Men’ and ‘2010’. He was awarded an Oscar for the song “It Goes Like It Goes” from the film ‘Norma Rae’ and two Grammys for his contribution to ‘Saturday Night Fever’. With 23 tracks in the original show it is often difficult to decide which to leave out, usually relying on the individual abilities of the cast to help make the final choice in this case 17 musical numbers. In this case that difficult task fell to Juan Miralles as director / producer, Jenny Kent musical director / producer and Jodie Oliver, assistant musical director and pianist. I saw this production in its last week when the actors were, Andrew Irvine as Man 1, Adam Mcardle as Man 2, Laura Pitt-Pulford as Woman1 and Catherine Millsom as Woman 2. The performers complement and contrast with each other beautifully in both physical appearances and in vocal talent. Each individual had at least one solo number in which they were able to show off and this they did usually giving the audience something to laugh about.  The use of four boxes with detachable lids give, rise to anything from seating for each character, storage for props and numerous rearrangements of layouts. I have seen this show before on several occasions but seldom with as many costume changes. Although the Fringe is drawing to a close there is still time to get to see this extremely good production before it finishes on the 28th August. ****

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