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Africa’s Heartbeat - One4Review

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is not only about enjoying yourselves.  The African Children’s Choir is testament to this. The children are selected from Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria and Ghana they range from the ages of seven to eleven years old. Fourteen girls and twelve boys they sing, dance and drum to entertain people all over the world and raise funds or the Orchestra, Music for Life Camps and Music for Life Centres where the children are trained and educated. We would probably not comprehend some of the backgrounds these children come from. So much for the background now the show. These gorgeous smiling children sing from the heart music, which is wide and varied. From traditional African numbers to Christian hymns and my personal favourite Shadowlands from the musical ‘The Lion King’. We also see four older singers two of which have been through the programme and come back to help and perform. Only on for a very limited run I was very glad to have seen these glowing faces and hear these heavenly voices. ****

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