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Shakespeare for Breakfast - One4Review

One of the abiding traditions of Edinburgh Fringe Festival over the years I have been covering it is C Theatre doing their early morning comedy loosely based on the works and characters by Shakespeare. Now given by phobia of The Bard, why do I get up early to attend this show each year? Well the reason is simple, over the years each cast manage to put a slant on their offering that I find more than palatable and a performance well worth sacrificing that all too precious extra hour in bed for. Sara Pascoe, Sarah Lark, James Witt, Alistair Watson, Gemma Whelan and Jessica Fostekew are the actors for the 2007 season in what is entitled Carry on up the Avon. All devices of this genre of films are skillfully employed and some how director Damian Sandys manages to move this intrepid troupe around their stage and keep the pace of this romp throughout. So do yourselves a favour and at least once start your Fringe day with a touch of jovial culture as Hamlet, Nurse, King Lear, Mcbeth, Cleopatra and Puck cope with their plane crash survival (don’t ask). Oh and there is the added bonus of coffee and croissants included in the price of the ticket. ****

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