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A Guide To Sexual Misery - One4Review

Carrying the heady claim of “Austria’s #1 comedy” the expectations are high for Wolfgang Weinberg’s Guide to Sexual Misery.  The first thing we learn, however, is that we should lower our expectations when it comes to sex.  Only then will we be pleasantly surprised.  Perhaps the same attitude should be applied to this show.  Weinberg is a genial host but the success of the show, which guides us through our perceptions of and attitudes towards sex, really depends upon its audience to make it work.  The process we were led through was all very interesting but the audience I was part of seemed quite divided, literally and metaphorically.  Women were made to sit on one side, men on the other.  Weinberg then proceeded to examine our different attitudes towards sex.  He resorted to generalisations a number of times within the presentation so I feel safe in doing the same.  Whilst the women got quite into sharing their opinions the men were perhaps a bit less forthcoming, possibly because they became the whipping boys for a lot of the show.  This raised laughs but wasn’t entirely fair. Nevertheless it’s an entertaining show if you’re up for it and there’s always the possibility that you might even learn something.  ***

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