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 Dan Atkinson: The Credit Crunch and Other Buscuits - One4Review

Before the entry of  Dan Atkinson to the arena there is a brief AV detailing his life from birth to date which roughly corresponds from the Thatcher era to date. Atkinson commences this the usual banter with the audience and majors on conversations with a mature student and a Spanish engineer before getting on with his set. Due to Uni loans and a London move Dan was very affected by the credit crunch and had to move out of his house. The subsequent search for new accommodation via a number of methods is a solid source of material for this young Yorkshire man. Having opinions about various universities and their admission policy, raves, West country girls computer games and drinking buddies also provide mileage for this rather funny man to exploit. This was the first  time I had seen him do a full show, previously only seen 20 minutes ,but I was impressed at his progression. What out for this name because I’d be surprised if he was not packing out larger spaces in the near future. ***

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