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The Reduced Edinburgh Fringe Impro Show - One4Review

The mental strength it takes to produce good improvisational comedy always astounds me.  Having grown up on ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ I was always impressed at how the assorted members could produce great comedy out of thin air.  This torch has been picked by Scratch Improv and based on the show presented here it still burns very brightly. Before the audience enters the venue we are asked to circle shows in the Fringe brochure and tear out the selected page.  These accumulated pages are all that the cast will have to base their show on.  This results in a 3-part musical ‘The Bird and the Bee’ as well as a version of ‘Rob Deering’s Boobs 2008’ which simply reduces the title to a hilarious pun.  The cast are razor sharp and play off one another superbly, constantly producing material that holds together and entertains. The cast look like they’re having fun and you can’t help but play along.  The performance may well change night to night but I’m sure that the one thing which will undoubtedly remain consistent is the enjoyment you’ll experience. ****

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