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Gavin Osborn – Meeting your heroes  - One4Review

 – Meeting your heroes
The introduction to Gavin Osborn’s show may have worried some audiences – it isn’t usually a promising start when the performer on stage tells you he has done very little preparation for his show. However, I couldn’t help but be charmed by this talented musician’s self-depreciating start. And having already heard Gavin’s two albums I was confident he could pull off an entertaining hour, despite his lack of preparation. Luckily for me and the rest of the, admittedly rather small, audience I wasn’t disappointed.   The whimsical guitar folk of Gavin Osborn covers subjects from turning 30, having his heart broken by a fictional, computer generated, football player, and the romantic problems of the tallest man in the world, to the thoughts of R Kelly and watching a young couple have sex in a park. Material drawn from his two albums ‘In the Twee Small Hours’ and ‘Meeting Your Heroes’, and from his collaborations with comedian Daniel Kitson, combined with the charming way he interacted with the audience, my hour spent in the company of Mr Osborn was a joy, and one I hope to repeat very soon. *****  

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