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A Dragon in the Family 4**** - One4Review

A Dragon in the Family 4****

| On 17, Aug 2018

A Dragon in the Family is, quite simply, storytelling at its best. When Gilly finds an egg deep inside a cave, she takes it home and soon discovers it is a baby dragon. Along with her best friend, she learns how to raise and love her fire breathing family member.

The Pleasance Green is a small and intimate venue, which suits this type of show perfectly. The story teller was just wonderful, and I found myself as wide eyed and eager as my six year old. At several points in the story he stopped to ask the audience what they would do, which added a lovely cooperative feel to the story, and certainly did not feel like he was ticking the ‘audience participation’ box.

The puppets used are beautiful, and after the show we had the opportunity to hold them. The story teller was keen to give a friendly and relaxed feel to the show, ensuring everyone was comfortable and offering blankets.

In a festival full of acrobats, magicians and fire eaters, it is reassuring to know there are wonderful old fashioned storytellers, who are as equally skilled at captivating their audience.

Suitable for children of all ages, this is a must see show.

Reviewed by Claire

Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 17-19

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