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Bryony Twydle:- Flamingo 3*** - One4Review

Bryony Twydle:- Flamingo 3***

| On 20, Aug 2018

Ms Twydle is performing a character driven sketch show in the intimate Underbelly Daisy nightly and is certainly packing them in.
In the performance I saw she introduced a handful of slightly dysfunctional characters, some of whom linked into other tableaus utilising a few costumes, props, her undoubted comedy talent and writing ability together with a couple of rather reluctant audience members as well provided an hour of inventive and gentle homour.
The characters included Lisa Martinez-Moore, a QVC presenter on her last TV programme trying to sell us all manner of stuff, a police officer running a speed awareness course, a school boy, Hector, waiting to be picked up from school, a Greek sex therapist amongst others, each had their merits yet some of the characterisation slightly stronger than others.
The crowd seemed to appreciate her efforts, yet without totally getting on board with everything that was being offered to them which somewhat took a lot of energy from the performance. Who knows on another night, with a different crowd this could have flown.
Reviewed by Geoff
Underbelly Daisy
20.30 to 21.30
Until 26th

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