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No Comments Presents String Theory 3*** - One4Review Presents String Theory 3***

| On 18, Aug 2018

Martin Mor is such a big personality, that he grabs the room’s attention at once, and gets them giggling quickly.

The idea behind this year’s show title, String Theory, is that he’ll answer the age-old question “How long is a piece of string?” by putting some into his bucket, via his complicated measuring device, for the amount the audience are amused. He can then measure the results at the end. Thankfully, there was plenty to measure.

Mor’s interactions with even very young children are consistently fun, and very silly, without ever being patronising. His thirty-two years an equity member have stood him in good stead, and his patter is, if you look very carefully, quick, and slick. Most people, however, are too busy looking at the next trick – just as they’re supposed to be.

Juggling, balancing, spinning, and a spot of magic, are all coupled with friendly banter, and even a quick hint of satire. Plus we may have possibly witnessed a world record of an audience member being the youngest to do the tablecloth trick… almost certainly the slowest, and given the baffled look on the face of the three year old ‘magician’ volunteer, one of the cutest.

Reviewed by Gill
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House – The Ballroom
Aug 19-26

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