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Adam Larter: Good Morning Croissant 3*** - One4Review

Adam Larter: Good Morning Croissant 3***

| On 23, Aug 2019

The most notable thing about this show is the wealth of visual aids and props Mr Larter has created for the show, some of them quite complex, even those only used for a small two-second throwaway line. The other noteworthy thing is how much fun it is.

Mr Larter – and by extension the audience – is transported into a board game inexplicably set in a grocer’s shop/supermarket called Good Morning Croissant. Also somewhat inexplicably the croissant has its teeth brushed and takes a trip in a rocket (told with delightful storytelling props and no words). Shop assistant Alan guides us through various bits of tomfoolery and silliness with varying degrees of audience participation, before we’re whisked back to reality and deposited, reeling, at the end of the show.

This is a fun and well-crafted hour with no delusions of grandeur: it aims for fun and silly, and it certainly is.

Reviewed by Laura

Heroes @ Hive
19:20 (until 25th)

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