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Anna Clifford – I SEE DEAD(LY) PEOPLE 4**** - One4Review

Anna Clifford – I SEE DEAD(LY) PEOPLE 4****

| On 20, Aug 2022

Anna Clifford is a new name to cross my comedy radar, and I must admit the title intrigued me enough to investigate further.

From the get-go this is explained as having little to do with ghosts, more a play on Irish expressions pan out. Ah it makes more sense now.

She has a bright and breezy delivery style and her mix of stories and more jokey material worked well, keeping one and all entertained for her hour.

The material ranged from her growing up in Ireland, protected, maybe over protected by her parents, disappointing Christmas presents, intimate waxing and being a hopeless romantic, yet one with a specific plan. 2020, like many others, was going to be her year. she took to wild swimming, wrote a journal, and was persuaded by a friend to go to a Ayahuasca retreat in Irish wilderness, phoneless for 4 days emerging to a series of disasters, the global pandemic, boyfriend ghosting and a huge medical scare that befell her mother.

Anna Clifford created a well written hour, delivered in pleasing style, she mixed a bit of pathos with a lot of laugh inducing material. This definitely was not a scarlet show, oh no in fact it was deadly.


Reviewed by Geoff

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