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The Dark Room (for kids!) 5***** - One4Review

The Dark Room (for kids!) 5*****

| On 06, Aug 2022

The Dark Room is described as the world’s first live-action video game. Audience members are selected and given the scenario “You wake to find yourself in a dark room…” and they have to give one of four answers, such as “turn on the light” or “go north”. This then leads to another screen and another four possible answers, and so on. Sounds straight forward but this is mayhem! John Robertson is our host, and he is equal parts hilarious and brutal. When the player inevitably dies in the game, the audience is encouraged to stand up and point at them, shouting “ya die!” The first kid who volunteered looked a little shocked but after that we all got into the sadistic swing of it. Even though the kids all ‘died’ in the game, they didn’t go home empty handed. Prizes such as a bag of baked beans and bread were given out.

My daughter is ten and she says it’s the best show she’s ever seen. I’ve never seen her laugh so much. I agree it is hilarious but a warning: not for sensitive kids. The guide suggests an age of over eight, but I’d suggest over ten is more appropriate. There is also an adult version of this show on at a later time so make sure not to book that by accident! As my ten-year-old reviewer said “I’d give it 6 stars if I could”.


Reviewed by Claire

Gilded Balloon, Teviot (Nightclub)

17.30 (1hr)

Aug 6-28)

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