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Circa's Peepshow (Club Remix) - 5***** - One4Review

Circa’s Peepshow (Club Remix) – 5*****

| On 08, Aug 2023

Circa’s Peepshow (Club Remix) – 5 Stars

In the pulsating darkness, a DJ takes the reins, and from that very moment, Circa’s Peepshow (Club Remix) ensnares your senses. Here, flashes of cheeky cabaret, grinding nightclub and raw humanity explode into view. But it’s not the techno beats that grip you initially; it’s the impeccable synchronization of balletic grace with frenetic acrobatics. High octane barely begins to describe the relentless pace set by the seven performers.

A true testament to the show’s versatility. What’s interesting is you could set this piece to Beethoven and it would still be as visually impressive. From strength displays that can only be described as startling and jaw-dropping to the sublime elegance of an aerial piece set to harrowing angelic music that feels as if he’s climbing to heaven, the range and depth of this performance is staggering.

But it’s not all ethereal and beautiful. There’s a biting edge, a grittiness. Stilettos dig into a strong man’s spine, pressing into flesh with the tension palpable. The juxtaposition of pain and pleasure, dominance and submission, is a recurring theme that pushes the abilities of the human form to their limits.

Sexual energy permeates the performance, adding layers of tension and allure. An astronaut-themed striptease set against a 1950s speakeasy classic ensures this show is not for children. It’s playful, yes, but also charged with a seductive power. This show oozes sex. A game with an audience member adds a fun dimension, but it’s the subsequent creation of a human pyramid in barely-there costumes that captures the raw, uninhibited essence of Peepshow.

From juggling acts that defy gravity and expectation to aerial performances that spin so fast they blur into the lights, every act is designed to captivate. The vibrant electric colours lighting up the stage combined with strategic smoky obscurations contribute to an atmosphere dripping with sultry nightclub vibes.

The climax signifies the pinnacle of human collaboration, strength, and beauty, all set to the hauntingly poignant ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics.

A lot of thought and time has gone into the creation of this piece. Peepshow (Club Remix) is a dazzling circus thrill ride. It doesn’t merely push boundaries; it obliterates them. And while the nightclub vibe is ever-present, it’s the sheer raw talent on display that ensures Peepshow is not just another club night out. It’s an experience. An art form. And above all, it’s unmissable.


Reviewed by Matthew

Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows – The Lafayette

18.20 (1hr)

Until 26 (not 14 or 21)

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