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Pete Heat : Huge 5***** - One4Review

Pete Heat : Huge 5*****

| On 05, Aug 2023

This is very smart modern magic.  Pete Heat is engaging, very cool, laid back, and very tall!  This has to be acknowledged right from the start.  Just in case, in this small venue, and with all this surreal magic going on, someone just might have thought it was some kind of optical illusion!
The charm and the gags flow.  There are moments in the show where perhaps things appear to not quite go to plan but come the grand finale, well let’s just say; it’s impressive.
The close up magic is world class and would be hard to top on any stage.  It is also a very funny show.  It is grown up magic but you can take the kids.
Pete Heat really deserves a bigger stage.  He handles the audience participation with great style and ease.  He is an outstanding magician combined with an engaging personality and great comedic timing.
If Professor Brian Cox did magic . . !  There’s definitely more than a passing resemblance and both are experts in their own fields!
Reviewed by Margot
Pleasance (Jack Dome)
19.00 (1hr)
Until 27th Aug (not 15th)

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