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Musicals 2008 Archives - Page 2 of 3 - One4Review

Only The Brave

August 8, 2008 |

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is often used as a tryout for new musicals or musicals in development. One of the high profile ones this year is ‘Only the Brave’. Inspired by true events we start at the beaches of … Read More

Assassins – Through the Window Th

August 8, 2008 |

Stephen Sondheim musicals are never easy to produce, they require a cast of superb singers who can act and have perfect timing. Alternatively you could take out some of the music and convert numbers into monologues. Believe it or … Read More


August 8, 2008 |

‘Hero’ is a musical with a Greek chorus but it certainly is no Greek Tragedy. Telephos (Mathew Knott) seller of lucky charms is in despair, all the bad-luck in the world seems to be focused on him and the … Read More

Return To The Forbidden Planet

August 8, 2008 |

Since I first saw the musical in London I have loved ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ and seeing it on offer by Hartshorn-Hook Productions  I wondered what they could do with it in one hour? Actually unless you know … Read More

Hippos In The Shower

August 8, 2008 |

I thought the days of flower power and psychedelia were well and truly over, but the Theatre Knights Belfast production of ‘Hippos in the shower’ written by Geoff Gatt self professed all round entertainer from Belfast. Having written and … Read More

The Riot Showgrrrls Club

August 8, 2008 |

Madam Magdalene and Mistress Lilith open their doors and our minds to their ‘Academy for Higher Consciousness’. Encouraging us females and the lesser males in the audience into seeing that Feminists really do have better sex! Filled with humour … Read More

Big Bruvva The Musical

August 8, 2008 |

I suppose it was inevitable. There have been musicals made about virtually every subject under the sun, so why not one loosely on this TV reality show? Why not in deed if the product is of the same high … Read More

I Love you, you’re perfect, Now – Change!    (O. O. T. B. Th.)

August 8, 2008 |

Currently the longest running musical ‘off Broadway’ "I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!" returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Out of the Bubble Theatre presents a very slick well-directed and choreographed piece thanks to Rob Wilkes. Beautifully written … Read More

A Slice of Saturday Night

August 8, 2008 |

Viva Youth Theatre present their adaptation of the musical ‘A Slice of Saturday Night’, the worry with youth theatre productions of this show is that you tend to find that cast members are either too old or worse still … Read More