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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Into the Woods, 5 stars *****

August 10, 2017 | 1

Into the Woods is one of Sondheim’s best loved and critically acclaimed masterpieces. It is intricate, detailed, charming and very, very clever. Act one presents us with familiar fairy tale characters and interweaves them on a quest to essentially find … Read More

Norfolk Youth Music Theatre: Made in Dagenham, 3 stars ***

August 8, 2017 |

Norfolk Youth Music Theatre return to the Fringe with the fairly recent West End hit, Made in Dagenham. Based on the true events at the Ford Dagenham plant in the 1960s, it tells the struggle of the skilled womens’ fight … Read More

Eurobeat – 4****

August 21, 2016 |

Back in 2007 the Fringe sat up and took notice when the then titled ‘Eurobeat Almost Eurovision’ premiered at The Pleasance and was an instant hit. Subsequent tours and also lower key productions have followed. Some 9 years later, it … Read More

Ghost Quartet -3***

August 20, 2016 |

Ghost Quartet

Four musicians tell us interwoven stories, twisted and peculiar, dark and violent, harrowing and discordant.

This is not a musical but nor is it a concert. The story is defined in album terms- Side 1, track 1 … Read More

Carmen High – Opera Posse – 4****

August 17, 2016 |

Opera Posse is a youth group from LA. They provided an outstanding modern version of Bizet’s Carmen, using modern lyrics to Bizet’s traditional opera as well as including hip-hop and original modern day songs. Set in the Spotlites Theatre in … Read More

Ruby and the Vinyl – The John Godber Company 4****

August 17, 2016 | 2

This wonderfully written story by John and Elizabeth Godber is set in a vintage store in Hull. Ruby Mackintosh is the composer of the music; looking stunning in her vintage dress she sets each scene with her wonderful acoustic repartee. … Read More

Ushers: The Front of House Musical – 5 stars *****

August 31, 2015 |

…with one star for the venue’s acoustics. Bravo to the exceptionally talented cast for battling against the incredibly difficult conditions in this old church, it’s appreciated.

It’s easy to see how this new musical has come up ‘through the ranks’ … Read More

Poppies – 5 stars *****

August 31, 2015 |

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

A ridiculously talented cast of actor/musicians performed this delightful new piece of musical theatre with a refreshing honesty which had most of the audience in tears by the end.

Okay, so there is nothing new in any … Read More

The Craft of the Cooper – 3 stars ***

August 31, 2015 |

3 stars ***

This got off to a fine start with some very powerful acting from the father. The intensity wasn’t kept by the rest of the cast however although kudos for performing within the constraints of such a small … Read More

UKIP! The Musical – 4 stars ****

August 31, 2015 |

It had to happen some time and here we are with a satirical musical kind of based on the rise of Nigel Farage. I’ve seen some complaints that this show is vulgar, crude, racist etc. but that’s the point. Just … Read More