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Liam Mullone: Health and Safety - One4Review

Some Health and Safety rules instruct us to do something that goes against our natural instincts.  This is the premise that Liam Mullone bases his show around, tenuously linking it to ‘Watership Down’ and occasionally calling upon the services of his 16-year old nephew who is dressed as a rabbit. Mullone’s stand-up routine would be perfectly acceptable on its own as this is where he is creating most of the laughs.  However, he’s also decided to break some laws with the help of his rabbit-costumed sidekick, as well as sing a couple of musical numbers.  There short sojourns from the main material may have worked in the planning stages but on-stage they seem slightly bizarre and instead of enhancing the act all they serve to do is detract from the humour that Mullone has built up. Mullone himself has an awkward stage presence which I couldn’t fully get on board with.  Fair play to him though, the rest of the audience were enjoying themselves. Overall it’s a show that should entertain but it’s also an odd mix of a show which didn’t completely win me round. ***

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