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Albee Vector the Sound Collector 4**** - One4Review

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| On 13, Aug 2015

Albee Vector the Sound Collector is a children’s show unlike any other. The story is of Albee Vector and his sound collecting machine named Mustard. Albee and his assistant Andromeda travel the land collecting all sorts of sounds, such as animal noises and footsteps, and storing them in glass jars. This is until Albee is forced to travel to the farthest corner of the world to collect the world’s most beautiful sound.

Two actors faultlessly play Albee, Andromeda and the other characters they encounter as the story unfolds. The use of sound as a storytelling device is new and adds humour throughout. Audience participation is encouraged – the first two rows of the Pleasance Above is reserved for children, who help Mustard collect sounds which are then used in the story.

The show is pitched at children aged four and over. I think this is reasonable as the story may be difficult to follow for younger kids, and is slightly pushing it at fifty minutes long.

Overall a refreshing take on storytelling as long as you stick to the age recommendation.


Pleasance Courtyard. Pleasance Above. August 5th – August 31st

Reviewed by Claire

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