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Mike Ward: Freedom of Speech Isn’t Free 4**** - One4Review

Mike Ward: Freedom of Speech Isn’t Free 4****

| On 18, Aug 2016

Mike Ward is a Canadian comedian making his Edinburgh debut this year. The title of his show comes from the fact the Human Right’s Commission of Quebec wants to fine him £25000 for telling a joke about a disabled child who sang for the Pope. Whether or not you find the joke funny, can you stop everyone from being offended? how would it be enforced and who decides on the boundaries?
Mike’s humour is not for everyone and the audience was really split on the night I was there with a number of po faces not managing even a smile the whole night. However, there were more people hysterically laughing throughout the show. As well as explaining the joke that started the furore Mike gives a bit background information about himself and can be self-deprecating, he’s not just out to offend others.
Some of the subject matter discussed such as bestiality (strangely not illegal in Canada), paedophilia and necrophilia are controversial but it’s not just an hour of distasteful joke telling, there’s a lot of funny, well thought out material. There is some audience interaction and Mike is not in any way offensive to the crowd.
Mike is a comedian with many years’ experience so his timing and delivery are excellent. if you like your comedy dark I am sure you’ll enjoy it.

Reviewed by Sharon
Gilded Balloon Wine Bar
20.45 to 21.45
Until 28th (not 25th)

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