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Brexit 4**** - One4Review

Brexit 4****

| On 23, Aug 2018

Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky’s delightfully funny, yet slightly scary political play Brexit is set in 2020, when new Prime Minister Adam Masters, Timothy Bentinck, has the tough job of moving the exit forward whilst balancing the party wings to ensure he isn’t the shortest lasting PM ever recorded.
Following discussions with friend and advisor Paul Connell, Mike McShane, the appointments are made and possibly looking for scapegoats, he appoints Remainer Diana Purdy, Pippa Evans to the position of Brexit Secretary, and Eurosceptic Simon Cavendish, Hal Cruttenden as the Secretary for International Trade. He plays the pair against each other, watching them squabble and leaking stories as we go.
Thrown into the mix is Chief EU Negotiator Helena Brandt, Jo Caulfield, who is enjoying the issues faced by the new PM and the costs, both financial and political, a solution may carry.
This is a great way, if slightly worrying way to spend 75 minutes and the sold out signs everywhere testify to its popularity. The script, beautifully put together, packed with laugh-out loud moments is performed to their usual high standards by each of the cast, with excellent direction to keep both the energy and the laughs flowing throughout.
If it is possible to still get a ticket then do so at once, you will not leave disappointed. You wouldn’t want to remain outside and miss it.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Beyond
13.30 to 14.45
Until 26th

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