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Tom Crosbie : Nerd World Problems 5***** - One4Review

Tom Crosbie : Nerd World Problems  5*****

| On 21, Aug 2019

I was sitting having a quiet drink with my friend when Tom sat down and flyered us. My friend does computer programming or something similar and was immediately interested, I thought to myself this nerd world thing looks a lot like a magic show, so I won’t be going. Not my sort of thing.
Thomas is a genuine and charming chap and I soon changed my mind and committed to going.
Sure, the show has a lot to do with Rubik’s cubes, but the show is presented in such a stimulating and entertaining way, you soon forget that it’s meant to appeal only to nerds.
Various technical innovations are used to present the material in spectacular ways.
If you’ve never met somebody who has memorised the complete works of Shakespeare, then you will need to go to this show. Computer and code breaker Alan Turing’s memory has recently been honoured on the back of a new £50 note, Tom comes up with his own unique tribute.

A nice gentle innovative show that you can bring your kids to. You will be entertained and amazed in equal measure.

Reviewed by Robert
Gilded Balloon, nightclub
14.45 (1hr)
Until 26th

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