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Stephen Bailey – Can’t Think Straight 5***** - One4Review

Stephen Bailey – Can’t Think Straight 5*****

| On 20, Aug 2017

It was back in 2014 when I first saw Stephen Bailey and back then he showed a lot of potential. His next show was even better, and now with his 2017 that potential has been fully realised.
Bailey is camp, he is flamboyant, he is occasionally bitchy, but boy is he funny and has enough stage presence and charisma for two comics.
From the onset Stephen was on his metal, creating energy in the room that never dropped. He was in control, taking the oversubscribed audience with him, making them laugh with a selection of stories and short sharp gags, and even in the more serious parts, making them think, thus done, back to the laughter.
Bailey has the knack of writing bitingly funny and well observed anecdotes, school days, a family holiday in Ibiza, Weightwatchers and speaking French are all top draw, yet there were other, I was laughing too hard most of the time to make coherent notes. And it’s not all scripted either, his crowd work is second to none, delighting in making obviously straight guys his target for a little bit of flirting, much to everyone’s enjoyment.
It would be impossible to leave his gig without a smile on your face. But beware. His room is not the biggest so get there early. He has to turn people away daily such is his popularity.
Reviewed by Geoff
Free Sisters Maggie’s Front Room
17.15 to 18.15
Until 27th

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