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Bella Hull : Babycakes 4**** - One4Review

Bella Hull : Babycakes 4****

| On 17, Aug 2022

Bella has possibly had more than her fair share of life experiences and failed relationships, more than the average twenty two year old.  Bella is a great story teller and manages to find humour in the darkest of topics;  the breakdown of her parents’ marriage and a psychotic episode to suicide, but it is a barrel of laughs!Bella takes us on a journey from her childhood dreams, which mainly consists of the entire narrative of The Princess Bride, to the reality of failed relationships and rubbish jobs, followed by periods of unemployment and worse still, a lack of funds for shopping.  A bit of retail therapy is fun but it never really solves anything and can in fact make things worse.  So obviously the answer is to identify, locate and marry a rich man!  Bella does not claim to be a feminist and this persona is presented to great comical effect throughout the show.Some of the stories are rather personal and the intimate surroundings of the Pleasance Bunker 2 is the perfect setting.  The audience are receptive and Bella is totally at ease.  The stories flow, with a few unexpected hilarious curve balls along the way.****

Reviewed by Margot

Pleasance Courtyard – Bunker 2

18.55 (1hr)

Until Aug 28th

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