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Dead Cat Bounce – Howl of the She-Leopard

August 18, 2012 |


Imagine Journey, Foreigner and Whitesnake somehow combined to make one band with a guitarist/vocalist, bassist and drummer, but the songs they made were about Australian immigration stats, rugby and Christians in love. They even look the part with the … Read More

Playing Politics

August 18, 2012 |


This is a five star show all round. The music is impeccable: guitar, vocals, harmonies and solos. The sound across the speakers is great. The songs – which you’ll know the tunes to ‘but not the lyrics’ – are … Read More

In The Pink – Fantastic Female a Cappella!

August 15, 2012 |

3 Star


I do like a Cappella music. And judging by the crowd who attended the show I saw I am not alone.

For the eight year this troupe of all female singers are doing good business on the … Read More

Free Fringe Music – Kristan Harvey & Tina Rees

August 12, 2012 | 1


Each day at the National Museum of Scotland there is a concert featuring different musicians from Scotland and around the world including Russia.

On Saturday 11th August, Kristan Harvey on fiddle and Tina Rees on keyboards were the featured … Read More

Les Clochards: Dirty But Nice

August 10, 2012 |


Les Clochards are a rock’n’roll band. So what, there must be hundreds of rock bands on the planet. This band, however, has developed its own fun and idiosyncratic style.

To begin with, take their appearance. Imagine a bunch of … Read More

Mil’s Trills’ Music and Stories

August 9, 2012 |


Mil’s Trills’ do two age group shows – 0-2 and 2-5. We saw the 2-5 year olds’, where New Yorker Amelia Robinson sings her original songs, self-accompanied on the ukulele, while encouraging preschoolers to join in, with varied success.

Read More

Camille O’Sullivan – Changeling

August 6, 2012 |

5 Stars


Along with the rain, lack of sleep, too much partying and poor diet which are all institutions there is another one. Camille O’Sullivan. As is now the norm this fantastically charismatic lady is playing to sell-out rooms, … Read More

Camille O’Sullivan : Feel

August 30, 2011 |

5 Stars *****

The lights dim on the packed auditorium, the twinkling fairy lights glisten on a stage festooned with dresses, doll’s house, glitter balls and of course red shoes when a caped vision in red sidles to centre stage. … Read More

Chez Jack L

August 24, 2011 | 3

5 Stars


First a few organisational details. Jack Lukeman is from Ireland and his show in Assembly 2 does not appear in the Fringe booklet because he is a very late addition to the Assembly schedule. He will be … Read More

a Cappella with Cattitude

August 21, 2011 |

5 stars *****

When this lot are good, they’re brilliant, and ninety-five per cent of their show is brilliant. A few of their slower numbers lack the sparkling verve and energy of the more up-beat ones, rendering them … Read More